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Smoked to Perfection on the Premises with Cherry Wood

Best Smoked BBQ in Delaware by Travel Channel
Smoked Pork
Smoked Pulled Pork – $13.99/lb
Smoked Pork Ribs – $26.99/rack
Smoked Whole Pork Loin – $49.99/each
Smoked Boneless Ribs (Pork) – Market Price (Please Order 2 Days Ahead)

Smoked Beef
Smoked Angus Beef Brisket – $9.50/1/2 lb; $17.99/lb
Smoked Baby Back Ribs – $29.99/rack
Smoked Kielbasa – $13.99/ring

Smoked Poultry & Fish
Smoked Turkey Legs – $4.99/each
Smoked Whole Chicken $9.99/each
Smoked Pulled Chicken – $12.99/lb
Smoked Whole Turkey – $49.99/each
Smoked Salmon – $59.99/each

Pork Caldereta – $59.99
This Classic Meat Stew from the Philippines is made with Carrots, Potatoes and simmered with our Secret Philippine Sauce!


Binaguongan – $49.99
This Authentic Filipino Dish is made with Sliced Pieces of Pork, Bagoong (Filipino Shrimp Paste) & Authentic Filipino Spices

Pork or Chicken Adobo – $54.99
This Popular Philippine Adobo is a Popular Filipino Dish made with Smoked Pork or Chicken and simmered in Soy & Vinegar. Get Pork AND Chicken to Spice Things Up Even Further!

Crispy Pata – $14.99/Each
In this popular delicacy, a whole pork leg is simmered in spices until tender, refrigerated overnight to dry, and then deep-fried until the meat is moist and succulent and the skin golden and crisp.

Lechon Belly – $39.99/Each
This Lechon Belly (Stuffed Roasted Pork Belly) is a Smoked Roasted Pork Belly Rolled and Stuffed with Herbs and Spices.

Pancit – $49.99
Choose Between Veggie, Chicken or Pork
This Classic Filipino Stir-Fried Noodle Dish is made with Sautéed Pork, Chicken, Shrimp and with mixed veg and noodles. Ask us to make you the Veggie Version!

Kare Kare – $74.99
This Traditional Filipino Dish made with Beef Oxtail and Tripe, served with a variety of vegetables and tossed in a thick peanut sauce.

Pinakbet – $59.99
This Traditional Filipino Dish is made with mixed vegetables and sauteed in shrimp sauce

Bistek – $74.99
Bistek is the Filipino Version of the Beefsteak. Made with thinly sliced beef cooked in soy sauce and lemon juice and garnished with caramelized onion rings.

Ginataan na Langka – $49.99
Unripe & Green Jackfruit cooked in Coconut Milk. This Authentic Filipino Dish is a Must Try!

Lechon Kawali – $74.99 Per Tray
This Popular Filipino dish is made with pork belly, simmered until tender and then deep-fried until golden and crisp.

Pancit Palabok – $54.99
Pancit Palabok is a Filipino Noodle Dish made with a bright colored orange shrimp-flavoured thick sauce covering thin rice noodles.

Lechon Sisig – $89.99
This Filipino dish is made from parts of Pig Head and Liver and seasoned with Authentic Filipino Spices!

Escabeche Sweet & Sour Fish – $64.99
Choose Between 3 Tilapia or 3 Pampano
This Whole Fish Fillet is Fried and Served with Mixed Vegetables

Filipino Chopsuey – $59.99
Our Filipino Chopsuey is made-up of meat (chicken or pork) and seafood (shrimp or fish) & cooked with different kinds of vegetables & Filipino Spices.

Adobong Pusit – $59.99
Our Fresh Squid is Sauteed with Filipino Spices and Vegetables with Vinegar and Soy Sauce

Dinuguan – $59.99
Dinuguan is a Filipino stew made of pork meat cooked in pig’s blood, vinegar and spices.

Puto with Cheese – $29.99/50 pieces
Puto is a Filipino Snack that is served any time of the year. Puto is a rice cake made with Coconut Milk and topped with Cheese. It is the perfect dish to bring to a gathering or potluck


Puto Kutchinta – $29.99/50 pieces
This Steamed Rice Cake is made with rice flour and brown sugar

Cassava – $29.99/Tray
This Filipino Dessert is made with Fresh Cassava Root (Also Known as Yucca), Coconut Milk, Sugar and Cheese and Baked to Perfection! Best Served Cold!

Biko – $29.99/Tray
Biko is a Filipino Rice Cake Made from Sticky Rice, locally known as Malagkit, coconut milk, and brown sugar. Topped with a Sticky Sweet Coconut Caramel Sauce!

Maja Blanca – $25/Tray
This Creamy Coconut Dessert is a Favorite Filipino Treat!
Corn kernels add sweetness and texture, while the latik (toasted coconut milk curd) gives a delightful crunch!

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