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Smoked to Perfection on the Premises with Cherry Wood

Best Smoked BBQ in Delaware by Travel Channel
Smoked Pork
Smoked Pulled Pork – $13.99/lb
Smoked Pork Ribs – $26.99/rack
Smoked Whole Pork Loin – $49.99/each
Smoked Boneless Ribs (Pork) – Market Price (Please Order 2 Days Ahead)

Smoked Beef
Smoked Beef Brisket – $16.99/lb
Smoked Baby Back Ribs – $29.99/rack
Smoked Kielbasa – $13.99/ring

Smoked Poultry & Fish
Smoked Turkey Legs – $4.99/each
Smoked Whole Chicken $9.99/each
Smoked Pulled Chicken – $12.99/lb
Smoked Whole Turkey – $49.99/each
Smoked Salmon – $59.99/each

Look for a New & Updated Authentic Philippine Catering Menu! Coming Soon!

Tilapia/Pompano – $10 / $13
Smoked, Grilled or Fried

Lechon Manok with Herbs $11.99

Lechon Belly $39.99

Whole LechonGive us a Call for Pricing!

Adobo Chicken $55

Caldereta $55

Adobo Pork $60
Hamonada $40 Each
Humba $60
Dinuguan $60
Crispy Pata $15 Each

Omy Fingers
Mini Eggrolls
$27 for 50 Pieces
$50 for 100 Pieces

Fresh Lumpia $2.50

Bihon, Canton, Bam-I or Sotanghon $50
Chicken or Pork
Add Shrimp for Additional $10

Spaghetti $55

Palabok $55

Adobon Pusit $60
Sweet & Sour Fish $65
Steamed Pompano $15/each

Caldereta $75
Beef Stew

Kare Kare $75
Pepper Steak with Onions $75

Pinkabet $60
Chop Suey $60

Turon $1 Each
Puto with Cheese (50 Pieces) $30
Berns Kutchinta (50 Pieces) $30

Half Trays

Ginataan Binignit $35
Cassava Cake $30
Biko $30
Halaya $30
Maja Blanca $30

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